Front-End Engineer at The Sia Foundation

The Sia Foundation is seeking to hire an experienced Front-End Engineer to join their team of tech gurus. Interested individuals who meet the requirements are welcome to apply.

Sia began its life as a startup, which means it has always been subjected to two competing forces: the ideals of its founders, and the profit motive inherent to all businesses. Its founders have taken great pains to never compromise on the former, but this often threatened the company’s financial viability. With the establishment of the Sia Foundation, this tension is resolved. The Foundation, freed of the obligation to generate profit, is a pure embodiment of the ideals from which Sia originally sprung.

The goals and responsibilities of the Foundation are numerous: to maintain core Sia protocols and consensus code; to support developers building on top of Sia and its protocols; to promote Sia and facilitate partnerships in other spheres and communities; to ensure that users can easily acquire and safely store siacoins; to develop network scalability solutions; to implement hardforks and lead the community through them; and much more. In a broader sense, its mission is to commoditize data storage, making it cheap, ubiquitous, and accessible to all, without compromising privacy or performance.

Position: Front-End Engineer

Salary: $127,000 – $167,000 per year

Job Type: Full Time

Location: Remote

About the Role

We seek an experienced front-end engineer to join The Sia Foundation, Inc. In this role, you will assist with all front-end development tasks for our small but highly technical organization. Your primary goal will be coordinating with our existing front-end engineer to complete tasks necessary for application research, development, and deployment.

These tasks will span a wide array of user interfaces, apps, and libraries that are built with TypeScript and React. The apps are shipped in a variety of ways such as deployed to web servers with server-side-rendering, embedded in our Go binaries, and as Electron desktop apps. The Sia Foundation works on open-source software so your work will largely be in public GitHub repositories. The primary GitHub repository you will contribute to is web.

Main Duties

  • Design and development of our new blockchain explorer’s interface. The explorer will be the first-ever Utreexo explorer and therefore will require novel user-experience and design decisions
  • Add bulk file management flows and keyboard shortcuts to our file storage application
  • Add the ability to configure and save frequently-used filtered dashboard views in our hosting application
  • Work on a cutting-edge web and browser SDK which is a mix of TypeScript and WebAssembly
  • Design and develop Sia’s user interfaces and applications
  • Develop and maintain Sia’s web applications
  • Collaborate with core developers to improve usability
  • Rapidly create prototypes and test ideas
  • Refine visual details and interaction patterns
  • Making large refactors to improve maintainability
  • Ensure our web presence is top-notch
  • Develop and manage our primary informational website and other web-based tooling required for the ecosystem
  • Implement design and branding improvements and refreshes for our marketing sites


  • We will only consider applications with links to a portfolio website or public code repository that best demonstrates your work experience and interests.
  • Proven experience as a front-end engineer or similar role
  • Self-motivated and works well independently
  • Deep and extensive experience in React, TypeScript, etc
  • Strong sense of design, considering aesthetics and usability
  • Can contribute to a positive work environment and effectively understand and respond to the needs of their teammates
  • Experience with full-stack development, servers, Linux, and Docker is preferred
  • Portfolio of non-trivial open-source projects or contributions
  • Interest and familiarity with distributed or peer-to-peer software like Sia, Ethereum, BitTorrent, or IPFS


  • A dynamic and supportive work environment with opportunities for professional growth
  • Competitive salary and benefits package
  • Comprehensive medical, dental, and vision benefits are fully covered for you and your family
  • 401(k) with company match

Required Documents

  1. CV/Resume
  2. Cover Letter

Application Process

To learn more the role and the application process, interested and qualified individuals should kindly CLICK HERE to visit the official page

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