Become an Online Language Tutor at Preply

The emergence of online learning platforms has revolutionized education as learning is no longer confined within the walls of schools. The increased need to make learning accessible by all means necessary was further accelerated by the pandemic. Today, online learning has become a mainstay in the world which in turn has created numerous flexible opportunities for tutors around the world. One of such platforms is Preply.

Preply is an online language learning platform that makes its easy to find, schedule, and connect with a tutor so that you can learn a language more effectively. The platform offers one on one online lessons, personalized lesson plans, and corporate language training. With over 32,000 highly skilled tutors teaching 120 subjects, hundreds of thousands of learners in 180 countries have improved their language skills on Preply. The platform has given individuals with the ability to effectively teach students a language the opportunity to impart their knowledge whilst being paid generously. Tutors can decide when and how many hours they want to teach and are given the opportunity to attend professional development webinars.

How much can a Language Tutor Earn at Preply?

There are no definite amount tutors can earn. Tutors are given the freedom to set their own hourly rate. On average, English tutors charge $15-$25 per hour. The payment method is highly convenient.

Equipment needed to become a Tutor at Preply

You will need a laptop or a desktop computer, a stable internet connection, a webcam, and a microphone for conducting lessons in the Preply virtual classroom.

How to Become an Online Tutor at Preply?

  1. Provide some basic information about yourself.
  2. Upload your headshot photo
  3. Describe your strengths as a tutor
  4. Record a short video introduction (up to 2 mins long)
  5. Choose your availability

You will see tips and examples at each step of the registration process to help you create great tutor profile. When you complete registration, our Tutor success team will review your profile within 5 business days. Once your profile is approved, students from around the world will see it on Preply and will be able to book lessons with you.

How to Register

To register as an online tutor at Preply is completely free. Interested individuals should CLICK HERE to register and become part of the Preply network of tutors.

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