Senior Java Developer at DevStaff, Canada (Work Visa Sponsorship)

DevStaff is offering Senior Java Developers an exciting opportunity to come work in Canada. Applicants with significant technical experience and proficiency in English are welcome.

At DevStaff, we pride ourselves on being a lot more than “just another staffing agency”.We offer a full spectrum of staffing services and deliver each with unwavering excellence. Whether you need to fill temporary or permanent positions or simply need payroll services, we’ve got you. In total, we provide 12 different hiring or related services, covering outsourcing services, on-site management, intern administration, and a lot more – and we have done it with precision for almost two decades.

Position: Senior Java Developer

Salary: £4,000 per month

Job Type: Full Time

Location: Canada

About the Role

We’re looking to sponsor multiple JAVA Developers to move to Canada. Currently, there is a shortage of experienced technical candidates, and many job opportunities. We’re looking for someone who has significant technical experience, and outstanding English skills. About Us: DevStaff Canada is a member of Venuiti Group of Companies. We originated as a technology company founded in 2001, where we discovered how hard it is to hire high-quality developers. In fact, that’s why we went into business as a technical staffing agency. We’re looking for the best candidates, because we understand what a difference quality makes in the development process.


1. Excellent English Skills

2. 8+ years of JAVA development experience (technical interview and test to follow) Experience in either Finance or Healthcare industries


Work visa sponsorship

Competitive salary

Selection Process

The Process: The application process to come to Canada is not short – it will take multiple months, and many rounds of interviews and applications. Throughout this time, Venuiti’s team will be here for you whenever you need help, assistance, guidance, or anything else throughout the process. We’ve done this process multiple times, so know what to expect.

The process will look approximately as follows, and you will only advance through each step upon successful completion of the previous step:

Step 1: After receiving your application, we will conduct Interviews, language assessments, and technical assessments. If successfully, you will receive a job offer from Venuiti.

Step 2: As soon as you sign your contract, Venuiti will apply for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). This is a government document, which every employer needs to fill out before hiring a foreign worker.

Step 3: Collect your documents to submit to your local Canadian Embassy. From here, you will receive your Visa to come to Canada.

Step 4: Arrival in Canada!

Required Documents

  1. CV/Resume
  2. Cover Letter

Application Process

Interested individuals who meet the requirements can apply by CLICKING HERE

Application Deadline


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